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Lindsey and Jon + baby

August 26, 2009

Ok, so here are the real sneak peeks from Lindsey and Jon’s session. Lindsey is just about ready to have her baby, and I was so worried she would go into labor before we had a chance to take her photos! The first time we tried to do the shoot, we got rained out. But we tried again the next day, and we seriously had the most perfect evening!  It was gorgeous outside.  And I told you they are photogenic!  I had such a hard time narrowing down some of my favorites.  Lindsey and Jon, I hope you like them. I can’t wait to finish the rest, and I especially can’t wait to meet your new little one!

IMG_1173 copy

IMG_1191 copy

IMG_1220 copy

IMG_1247 copy

IMG_1266 copy

IMG_1308 copy

IMG_1362 copy

IMG_1384 copy

I couldn’t decide between color and black and white, so I posted both.  :)IMG_1441 BW copy

IMG_1441 copy

IMG_1462 copy

IMG_1505 copy I hope you like them, you two!  I will have the rest ready soon!  Thanks so much for letting me take them!

I had a maternity session with Lindsey and her husband Jon last week, and it was such a blast.  What a photogenic couple!  I’m still going through the photos from their shoot, but I just had to post this one of her.  I think Lindsey looks awesome, don’t you agree?!  Linz, stay tuned for the rest of your sneak peeks!

IMG_1384 edit

Brennan and J.D.

August 21, 2009

I had such a fun morning with twins Brennan and J.D. as their mom, dad, and I were chasing them all over! I seriously don’t know how Dawn and Brant do it all the time! They were such great little troopers as this crazy lady was following them around with a camera in the hot, humid weather. Mom and Dad came so prepared with bubbles, beach balls, snacks, and more that Brennan and J.D. were perfect little angels during our shoot. Some of my faves…

Meet J.D…IMG_0693 copy

…and Brennan!IMG_0711 copy

Now I know this is not one for above the mantle, but I just love the looks on their faces – Puffs are the best form of bribery!IMG_0752 copy

IMG_0788 copy

Love this!IMG_0925 copy

IMG_0976 copy

IMG_1010 copy

IMG_1045 copy  

Thank you guys! I had so much fun – the rest of your photos will be done soon!

Paul and Julie

August 18, 2009

Last weekend I took some couples shots of Paul and Julie.  Aren’t they a beautiful couple?!  Here are some of my faves…       24 - IMG_0559 copy

33 - IMG_0619 copy

30 - IMG_0595 copy
28 - IMG_0592 copy
15 - IMG_0512 copy

6 - IMG_0460 copy

4 - IMG_0440 copy

I hope you like your sneak peeks, guys!  I will have the rest of them ready soon!

Megan and Tyler

August 12, 2009

I had so much fun with Megan and Tyler.  For the first half, Megan was determined not to look at me.  But that’s ok – as hard as she was trying not to look at me, I still caught her smiling a few times!  She warmed up by the end and we got some great shots of her.  And Tyler was great – that little guy has such a great personality!  I love how you can even see his personality in the photos.  Thank you guys for spending your Saturday morning with me!  I hope you like your photos!

IMG_0226 copy


IMG_0206 copy


IMG_0098 copy


I love this one – Megan’s shoe fell off and Tyler was putting it back on for her.  So sweet.

IMG_0118 copy


IMG_0317 copy


IMG_0292 copy


IMG_0348 copy


IMG_0360 copy

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