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Ryan, Noah, and Ben

October 28, 2009

Last week I got to meet some of the most handsome little guys! I’m thinking they are definitely going to be heartbreakers when they get a little older! They all have the most gorgeous eyes, and they were such a great family to work with. They boys sure did love running around the park and especially rolling down the hills – I had a lot of fun, and I think they did, too. :) Meet twins Ryan and Noah and their big brother Ben…

IMG_5104 copy

IMG_5144 copy

IMG_5153 copy

IMG_5377 copy

IMG_5174 copy

IMG_5210 copy

IMG_5285 copy

IMG_5299 copy

IMG_5323 copy

IMG_5408 copy

IMG_5539 copy

I hope you guys enjoyed your previews – thanks again for letting me hang out with you and take your photos!


October 24, 2009

Last weekend I got to meet Connor, a sweet, active, football-lovin’ little guy! He was seriously running almost the entire time, it was so funny. There was lots of open space to run around, and he wanted to take advantage of it! When his mom brought out the football, he couldn’t have gotten more excited. Meet sweet Connor…

IMG_4900 copy

IMG_4881 copy

IMG_4869 copy

IMG_4950 copy

IMG_4976 copy

IMG_5011 copy

IMG_5032 copy

IMG_5040 copy

IMG_5068 copy

IMG_5096 copy

Thank you so much for letting me take Connor’s photos – I hope you enjoy your sneak peeks!


October 20, 2009

Oh my goodness, what a pretty baby!  This past weekend I got to meet Miss Abby.  She has the most gorgeous skin and dark hair.  She barely made a peep the entire time I was there (although I hear that her peeps are pretty quiet anyways!).  She was awake almost the entire time, it was so funny.  Abby did such a great job at her first photo shoot, and her big brother Aden was so good with her.  Congratulations, Steve and Jenni, on such a beautiful, healthy baby!  Thank you so much for letting me meet your sweet baby girl and take her photos.  Enjoy your previews. :)

IMG_4636 copy

IMG_4547 copy

IMG_4699 copy

IMG_4703 copy

IMG_4710 copy

IMG_4712 copy

IMG_4733 copy

IMG_4775 edit copy

IMG_4835 copy

Cortnee and Julianna

October 15, 2009

This past weekend I got to meet Jennie, Corey, Cortnee, and Julianna. They are such a sweet family, and I definitely had a great time hanging out with them for a bit! It was cold, cold, cold outside, but they did such a great job hanging in there! Wouldn’t you know, as we were finishing up it began to warm up outside. Thank you guys for letting me take your photos – enjoy your previews!


IMG_4049 copy

IMG_4064 copy

IMG_4122 copy

IMG_4133 copy

IMG_4171 copy

IMG_4179 copy

IMG_4191 copy

IMG_4208 copy

IMG_4228 copy


October 11, 2009

This weekend we got to see our friends Matt and Amanda, and we finally got to meet their little guy, Brooks!  He is such a sweet, smiley, happy baby.  He was such a trooper, too – it was pretty chilly outside, but he barely made a peep.  Matt and Amanda, it was so great seeing you again.  Let’s not let that much time pass before we see you again, ok?!  Brooks is such a sweet cutie pie.  Thank you so much for letting me take his photos!

IMG_3745 copy

IMG_3793 copy

IMG_3807 copy

IMG_3820 copy

IMG_3855 copy

IMG_3875 copy

IMG_3925 copy

IMG_3967 copy

IMG_3978 copy

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