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February 15, 2010

I recently had the pleasure of taking 11 day old Cameron’s photos, and he was such a good baby! I’m sure his mommy and daddy must kiss his fuzzy little head day and night. :) He is such a beautiful baby, and I was reminded yet again of the sweetness and innocence of newborns. Welcome to the world, little buddy!

I love this sweet little smile…
IMG_9645 copy

IMG_9657 BW copy

IMG_9701 copy

IMG_9635 BW copy

IMG_9765 copy

IMG_9648 copy

IMG_9627 copy

IMG_9745 copy

IMG_9827 copy

Pure preciousness…
IMG_9778 copy

Jacob and Madeline

February 6, 2010

Look at these little cuties!  Jacob and Madeline were so much fun to work with.  I had a few tricks up my sleeve to make them smile, and I was cracking up going through the outtakes from their session.  There were so many where they were in full-on laughing mode, it was hilarious. Here are some previews of their sweet little faces…

Yes, I’m super funny… (not really, but they sure liked my bag of tricks!)
IMG_9333 copy

I love this in black in white…
IMG_9365 BW copy

…but also in color…
IMG_9365 copy

Ooh-ing and Ahhh-ing…
IMG_9325 copy

What a dapper little guy
IMG_9367 crop copy

IMG_9412 copy

IMG_9377 copy

Yes, she was hiding from me… but we managed a smile!
IMG_9437 copy

Thank you guys so much, it was lots of fun!

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