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March 30, 2010

I got to take pictures of Kellen again this past weekend, and he is getting so big! He’s such a little man in his jeans and big boy clothes. It’s so cute to watch him grow up and change so quickly and to see all his new little expressions. Here he is again, Kellen!

IMG_0691 copy

IMG_0700 copy

IMG_0732 copy

IMG_0740 copy

IMG_0747 copy

IMG_0793 copy

IMG_0812 copy

IMG_0862 copy

IMG_0950 copy

Kellen and his cousins…
IMG_0997 edit copy

Love this!
IMG_0898 copy

IMG_1058 copy

IMG_1089 copy

This expression cracks me up!
IMG_1118 copy

Thank you guys again!

Grace and Alex

March 11, 2010

Grace and Alex were so sweet to work with. Grace was such a little character, dancing and posing for the camera. And Alex was just taking it all in. He is such a sweet, laid back little guy! He really didn’t care what we were doing to him, he was just going with the flow! They were both so good during our shoot, and I’m so glad I had the opportunity to spend a little time getting to know them. Here are a few sneak peeks from their session…

IMG_0262 copy

IMG_0279 copy

IMG_0287 copy

IMG_0297 copy

IMG_0335 BW copy

IMG_0368 copy

IMG_0393 copy

This one cracks me up – just hangin’ out!
IMG_0397 copy

IMG_0420 BW copy

I couldn’t believe all the great eye contact from Alex!
IMG_0429 copy

IMG_0433 copy

IMG_0459 copy

IMG_0469 copy

IMG_0485 copy

Thank you guys so much, I had a great time!


March 5, 2010

This is my sweet little nephew, Cole! I love how he is so full of personality. He was so, so good while his crazy aunt was trying to take his photos. He did such a good job, I had a hard time deciding which pics to choose for previews! Here are some of my faves from his session…

IMG_9992 copy

IMG_9998 copy

IMG_0017 copy

IMG_0001 copy

IMG_0026 copy

IMG_0088 copy

IMG_0028 copy

IMG_0032 copy

IMG_0119 copy

IMG_0120 copy

IMG_0133 copy

IMG_0175 copy

IMG_0176 copy

Isn’t he adorable?!

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