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J.D. and Brennan

June 29, 2010

Oh, little J.D. and Brennan. They are just so cute! I hadn’t seen them since their shoot last summer, and they are little boys now instead of toddlers. I loved how they did things the entire time in tandem; one would start looking for bugs, the other would start looking for bugs. One would start tossing rocks, then so would the other. It is so cute to watch them interact. One other major change since I’ve seen them last is that they are talking a bunch now! Their little voices are adorable. Without further ado, here they are!

Brothers…IMG_4703 copy

IMG_4711 copy

IMG_4717 copy

IMG_4722 copy

Sweet little Brennan…IMG_4810 copy

I love that they are both being goofy here…IMG_4803 copy

So sweet holding handsIMG_4799 copy

See what I mean about doing things together?!  Look at these cute little hands…IMG_4793 copy

Look at those blue eyes on J.D!IMG_4785 copy

IMG_4758 copy

IMG_4753 copy

We had gotten a similar shot at their last shoot, so we got an ‘update’…IMG_5017 copy

Brennan in his fedora…IMG_4946 copy

IMG_4924 copy

I had so much fun with these little guys!  Hope you enjoyed the previews.  :)


June 24, 2010

I can’t believe Ava is already 3 months old!  In case you didn’t see the post with her newborn pics, she is my cousin Marissa’s little girl.  She is such a content little thing and did such a good job letting us get her pictures!  I had such a hard time filtering through all of them to choose a few of my favorites.  She is one photogenic little girl!!

IMG_4286 copy

IMG_4318 copy

IMG_4304 copy

IMG_4344 copy


LOVE her little ruffle butt…IMG_4353 copy

IMG_4373 copy

IMG_4379 copy

IMG_4389 copy

Laughing out loud!IMG_4403 copy

IMG_4438 copy

In her little bathing suit…IMG_4456 copy

It cracks me up to see the funny faces the camera catches sometimes!IMG_4494 copy

IMG_4528 copy

IMG_4534 copy

I hope you enjoyed the sneak peeks!!


June 18, 2010

This is Miss Ellie. Tiny and sweet, she barely made a peep. Although we tried to get her to sleep, she really wasn’t interested in dozing off.  I’m sure she probably crashed after I left!  She has the softest fuzzy, blonde hair and was as sweet as they come.  She was such a good girl while we were getting pics of her.  Meet Ellie!!

IMG_4062 copy

IMG_4129 copy

I love it when the bows are almost as big as their heads!IMG_4119 copy

IMG_4078 copy

IMG_4187 copy

IMG_4092 copy

IMG_4212 copy

I love this one because it looks like she is smiling at her daddy…IMG_4256 BW copy

Thank you guys for having me over to take Ellie’s pics! I hope you enjoyed the previews!


June 3, 2010

Kearstin is an old neighbor of mine, and her mom and I have stayed in touch ever since they’ve moved (and moved again!). I was so excited when they called to schedule Kearstin’s cheerleading pictures. It was a nice change to have a still subject that followed directions rather than one that I was running after the whole time! Don’t get me wrong, I love shooting kids, but having someone actually do what I requested during a photo shoot was different than what I’m used to. :) Kearstin just finished her freshman year and has made the cheerleading squad for next year. She was so great to work with, even though we had a HOT day and she had long sleeves. And in case you’re wondering, Kearstin’s a great babysitter – my kids enjoyed some time with her while we ‘adults’ went out to dinner after her photo shoot! Kearstin, I hope you like your sneak peeks! Thanks again for coming down!

IMG_3816 copy

IMG_3835 copy

IMG_3901 BW crop copy

IMG_3844 copy

IMG_3851 copy

This is part of the net from the game where their team won sectionals…IMG_3857 copy

IMG_3865 copy

IMG_3882 copy

IMG_3840 copy

IMG_3887 copy

IMG_3901 BW copy

Thanks again!!

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