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August 24, 2010

Well this summer has been HOT HOT, and the day of Cade’s shoot was no exception! Although it was toasty, Cade did a great job and still gave us lots of smiles. And when it really got warm, a few sips of water and he was good to go. This little guy is getting so big!

This one cracks me up because he looks like he is, well, cracking up!IMG_7297 copy

IMG_7328 copy

I love this one – it’s like he’s saying, “Please stop taking pictures of me, lady – I need a moment…”  :)IMG_7407 BW copy

Look at those blues…IMG_7433 copy

…and those lashes!IMG_7335 BW copy

IMG_7444 copy

IMG_7448 copy

Little bottom lip tucked in…IMG_7466 copy

IMG_7474 copy

IMG_7489 copy

IMG_7521 copy

IMG_7538 copy

IMG_7600 copy

IMG_7606 BW copy

IMG_7620 copy

IMG_7646 copy

Thanks for peeking at the previews!!


August 18, 2010

This is my nephew, Cole – I can’t believe he is already 2 years old! The day of his pictures, we went outside and let him wander around on the trail behind their house hoping to capture some cute expressions. I think we succeeded. :) I love how little ones are so curious about everything outside, whether it’s a clump of leaves or a butterfly. Here is his sweet little face…

IMG_6882 copy

I’m not sure what he was telling us here, but I think this is so cute with his little finger pointing…IMG_6888 copy

IMG_6945 copy

IMG_6990 copy

Peek!IMG_7006 copy

IMG_7017 copy

IMG_7023 copy

IMG_7035 copy

HaHa!IMG_7040 copy

IMG_7041 copy

IMG_7066 copy

IMG_7075 copy

IMG_7101 copy

IMG_7144 BW copy

IMG_7155 copy

IMG_7162 copy

Look how hard he is squeezing his mommy – the whole side of his face is smashed!IMG_7173 copy

IMG_7180 copy

IMG_7204 copy

IMG_7235 copy 

Hope you enjoyed the pics!

My Mia

August 12, 2010

So this basically started out as an impromptu photo shoot after dinner one night.  The lighting in my backyard at the end of the day is amazing, and I had just gotten my new Shootsac lens bag that I had been eyeing for several months.  I couldn’t wait to take it for a spin, so I grabbed Mia and told her to get her shoes on – we were going outside!  It was the first time she hadn’t fought me about taking her pictures, and she had such a great time.  I got some of the best expressions from her, which was totally unexpected.  She was workin’ it in front of the camera!  I am so excited to have these and to be able to remember her for the way she is; her silly, inquisitive, dramatic little self.  This is, after all, the one and only reason I even started taking pictures in the first place – to be able to look back and remember my kids exactly as they were.

IMG_6403 copy

IMG_6404 copy

IMG_6406 copy

IMG_6411-2 copy

IMG_6420 copy

IMG_6442 copy

IMG_6445 copy

IMG_6447 copy

IMG_6455 copy

IMG_6457 copy

IMG_6460 copy

IMG_6461 copy

IMG_6463 copy

IMG_6466 copy

IMG_6467 copy

IMG_6469 copy

IMG_6471 copy

IMG_6474 copy

IMG_6479 copy

You know me, sometimes I can’t decide between black and white…IMG_6481 BW copy

…or color…IMG_6481 copy

IMG_6490 copy

IMG_6495 copy

IMG_6499 copy

IMG_6507 copy

IMG_6510 copy

IMG_6517 copy

IMG_6521 copy

IMG_6522 copy

IMG_6527 copy

IMG_6533 copy

IMG_6534 copy

IMG_6541 copy

IMG_6544 copy

IMG_6552 copy

IMG_6553 copy

IMG_6557 copy

By the way, my Shootsac worked out great (it’s got changeable covers!). :) Oh, and it’s really hard to take a picture of yourself in the mirror. :)


August 6, 2010

Oh, little Nolan.  :)  Last time I took his photos he was such a little guy.  It was so sweet this time hearing his tiny voice – he is definitely growing up!  One thing that I definitely noticed is how well he listens!  He was so good while we were getting his pictures.  Fortunately we finished up before it started raining – although it was ready to let loose at any moment, it turned out to be the perfect morning.  Here is the little man… Nolan!
IMG_6598 copy

IMG_6601 copy

IMG_6612 BW copy

I love it when you can see their little teeth…IMG_6632 copy

I think he looks so much like his dad here!!IMG_6634 copy

IMG_6647 copy

Shy guy…IMG_6659 copy

IMG_6667 copy

IMG_6689 copy

IMG_6702 copy

Peek-a-boo!IMG_6781 copy

IMG_6828 copy

IMG_6836 copy

IMG_6846 copy

IMG_6856 copy

I’m so glad the weather held out for us – Nolan did such a good job!

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