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Makenna and Aubrey

October 31, 2010

These girls are growing up! I recently got to take pictures for Makenna and Aubrey again, who were cute as ever. If you click back through their photos, it’s so neat to see how they’ve grown.  Here are some previews of our most recent session together…
Selm 01 copy

Selm 04 copy

Selm 07 copy

I love Aubrey’s little face peeking through!Selm 14 copy

Selm 16 copy

Selm 19 copy

Selm 21 copy

Whatever it takes to keep them happy  :)Selm 24 copy

Selm 27 copy

Selm 32 copy

Totally unexpected – after we thought we were done, we went back to the car and turned around to find Makenna dressed in her mom’s accessories!Selm 33 copy

Love it!Selm 34 copy

Thanks again you guys!!


October 27, 2010

I got to see Miss Harper again a couple of weekends ago, and she is getting so big!  She is beautiful as ever, such a sweet little face.  She made us work for her smiles, but we were definitely able to score a few – even though we had to jump around, make faces, and talk in silly voices, it was totally worth it.  :)  I absolutely LOVE all her little outfits and matching bows. Here is the little lady herself…

Harper 01 copy

Harper 03 copy

Harper 04 copy

Harper 05 copy

Harper 06 copy

What a beautiful little faceHarper 11 copy

Harper 14 copy

Harper 19 copy

Harper 20 copy

Harper 23 copy

Harper 26 copy

Harper 28 copy

Harper 31 copy

Harper 29 copy

I hope you enjoyed the previews!!


October 20, 2010

Okay, I have to be honest – it is really bittersweet posting these pictures of Kellen!  He is one of the first little ones I photographed every three months from birth (actually, belly!) until now, age one.  It has been so neat getting to see him every few months and to watch him grow and change.  Such a sweet and handsome little guy.  He definitely kept us busy at his last photo shoot! I think we pretty much chased after him the entire time and tried to keep him from running in the street and eating dirt.  He would just smile at us, turn, and run. :)  Here are some previews of what we were able to catch between removing dirt from his mouth and holding him out of the street…

IMG_1184 copy

IMG_1232 copy

IMG_1240 copy

IMG_1273 copy

IMG_1321 copy

IMG_1334 copy

IMG_1350 copy

IMG_1357 BW copy

IMG_1365 copy

We were trying so hard to get one with his name train, but he kept going after it!  I kept checking the back of the camera to see whether we had gotten one, and when I showed Lindsey this one, she goes, “Oh, that’s totally a Kellen face.”  I couldn’t agree more.  :)IMG_1373 copy

IMG_1376 copy

IMG_1399 copy

IMG_1430 copy

IMG_1443 copy

IMG_1451 copy

Guys, it’s been fun!!  Thank you for letting me document these little moments in time for Kellen over the past year.  :)

The Halls

October 20, 2010

“We have 14 people, 6 of them aged 4 and under” – when that is the first line of a conversation to set up a photo shoot, I knew I had to prepare myself for possible chaos! Things were actually going very smoothly, we just had one ‘casualty’ – one of the little ones fell/jumped? into the waterfall/fountain. Fortunately he was fine, just cold and wet. He stuck with us through the rest of the shoot, and we ended up getting lots of shots of this family of 14! These aren’t really their sneak peeks since they’ve seen all of their pics already, but here are some highlights from their session…

I’m thinking this is pretty much right before he went in the water…Hall 01 copy

Hall 03 copy

Hall 15 copy

Hall 18 copy

Hall 26 copy

Hall 30 copy

The grandkids…Hall 31 copy

Hall 36 copy

Hall 38 copy

Hall 40 copy

Hall 41 copy

Hall 48 copy

Hall 54 copy

Hall 55 copy

Special thanks to my sister, Katie, for coming along, catching some great candid photos, and being another pair of eyes while we worked with multiple people and kids! And thank you, Hall family, for having us take your family photos. You were easy to work with, ready to go, and have such a beautiful family!

Jack and Thomas

October 1, 2010

This past weekend I got to meet Jack and Thomas. Although Thomas is too little yet to pose on cue, Jack certainly knew what to do with the camera pointed at him! We were all laughing because every time I got near him, he looked at me, smiled, and posed. It was the cutest thing, and he sure is a handsome little guy! They are such a sweet family, and I had a great time hanging out with them for a bit. Here are some previews!

IMG_0088 copy

IMG_0094 copy

IMG_0097 copy

IMG_0135 copy

IMG_0166 copy

IMG_0195 copy

IMG_0248 BW copy

I thought this one was so funny, I just had to include it…
IMG_0258 BW copy

IMG_0264 copy

IMG_0313 copy

IMG_0376 copy

IMG_0402 BW copy

IMG_0406 copy

IMG_0422 copy

IMG_0436 copy

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