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November 27, 2010

One of my favorite things about getting to do what I do is watching babies grow up. I get to see little snapshots of their lives every few months, and it is amazing to see them change. Some babies look entirely different from when they were newborns because they have changed so much. Some of them just look like older versions of their newborn selves. For me, Ellie falls into the latter category. Even though it had been 6 months, when I saw her I instantly recognized her sweet little face. She was just the 6 month version of the baby I had seen before. We got some great smiles from her, here are a few previews…

Ellie 04 copy

Ellie 05 copy

Ellie 08 copy

Ellie 09 copy

Ellie 11 copy

Hilarious – she wanted to munch on her clothes the entire time…Ellie 17 copy

Ellie 20 copy

Ellie 25 copy

Ellie 28 copy

Ellie 31 copy

Ellie 34 copy

Ellie 32 copy

I can’t wait to see Ellie next time!  Hope you enjoyed the previews!

Alex and Grace

November 22, 2010

I can’t believe it was time for Alex’s 9 month photo shoot. Time truly flies. As usual, as soon as I pulled out the camera, Alex started to smile. He is such a happy little guy! Of course we got a few of sweet Grace as well. I love them in their IU outfits and their Christmas jammies! A few previews…

Love the shirt :)IMG_3855 copy

IMG_3875 copy

IMG_3886 copy

IMG_3907 copy

IMG_3912 copy

IMG_3928 copy

IMG_3941 copy

I love when their bottom teeth start peeking through!IMG_3960 copy

IMG_3990 copy

IMG_4035 copy

Hope you enjoyed the previews!!


November 18, 2010

I was so excited to see Mallory again, she was so sweet to work with the first time around and is absolutely adorable. We met outside before the warm snap this fall, so it was freezing out. But I’m telling you this girl still didn’t take a bad photo! Here are a few of Mallory – love love love her ruffle shirt and furry boots!!

Mallory 01 copy

Mallory 04 copy

Mallory 07 copy

Mallory 08 copy

Mallory 10 copy

Mallory 13 copy

Mallory 14 copy

Mallory 16 copy

Mallory 24 copy

Mallory 30 copy

Mallory 32 copy

I told you she was cute!  Hope you enjoyed the previews, thanks for stopping by!


November 14, 2010

This is Miss Lily, 6 weeks old and all sweet-baby goodness!  We thought she would be wide awake the whole time, but she definitely wanted to doze off a bit as well!  So very sweet this one…

Tolle 09 copy

Tolle 07 copy

Tolle 11 copy

Tolle 03 copy

Tolle 12 copy

Tolle 24 copy

Tolle 14 copy

Tolle 22 copy

Tolle 25 copy

Tolle 31 copy

Tolle 26 copy

Tolle 33 copy

Tolle 44 copy

Tolle 30 copy

Tolle 46 copy

Tolle 48 copy

It was so nice to meet you guys! Can’t wait to see how big Lily’s gotten 6 months from now!

Colin and Keaton

November 10, 2010

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting another great-looking family! This late in the season I was surprised there was still so much fall color left, but the scenery definitely didn’t disappoint and neither did my models. :) It was chilly outside, but their family definitely pulled together to get some great shots. Here are a few previews…

Dolick 06 copy

Dolick 11 copy

I love Keaton’s hand around his big brother, Colin’s, neckDolick 18 copy

Dolick 19 copy

Dolick 23 copy

Handsome Colin…Dolick 25 copy

Silly Keaton!Dolick 26 copy

Dolick 27 copy

Dolick 31 copy

Dolick 36 copy

Of course big brother couldn’t be left out of the fun!Dolick 38 copy

Dolick 43 copy

Dolick 44 copy

Dolick 46 copy

Dolick 49 copy

Dolick 52 copy

Keaton must have gotten tossed in the air a million times… why is it that kids love this so much?!Dolick 48 copy

Thank you guys for letting me take your family’s photos.  I hope you like your previews!!

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