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December 16, 2010

Over Thanksgiving, we got to see our good friends Shannon and Bryan and their kids. They just had baby Nathan a few weeks ago, so we got to meet him and take a few photos as well. He was sooooo tiny and sweet, finally fitting in his newborn-sized clothes! Here are just a few shots of him…

Nathan 01 copy

Nathan 05 copy

I love this, his shirt says “I was worth the wait”  :)Nathan 09 copy

Nathan 13 copy

Such a cute little guy!!!


December 12, 2010

A few weeks ago (obviously while the weather was still decent!) our good friends came down to visit. Their son Hunter plays basketball, and they wanted to get a few shots of him in action. Here is Hunter doin’ his thing…

Hunter 04 copy

Hunter 07 copy

Hunter 11 copy

Hunter 16 copy

Hunter 27 copy

Hunter 30 copy

Hunter 32 copy

A word of advice for his opponents: Keep an eye on him, he’s got some mad skills!!


December 9, 2010

I will begin taking new clients again in the springtime, when we can be outside! I will make exceptions and take new clients this winter for those wanting to book a First Year Package. Feel free to contact me if you have questions. Thank you!


December 9, 2010

Well, I thought I was done posting photos of Kellen for the year, but we took a few more of the 3 of them since Jon wasn’t able to be at Kellen’s last session.  Lindsey, Jon, and Kellen are just too cute not to post a few more…

Kellen 33 copy

Kellen 36 copy

Kellen 37 copy

Kellen 40 copy

Kellen 41 copy

Kellen 42 copy

See what I mean? Such a cute family!!


December 8, 2010

I recently got to see Cade again, he is already ONE! Here are a few previews of his sweet little face and big blue eyes.  They had a few Christmas items handy as well…
Cade 08 copy

Cade 11 copy

Cade 14 copy

Love it…Cade 18 copy

Cade 23 copy

Cade 28 copy

Cade 31 copy

Cade 34 copy

Hope you liked the previews!

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