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May 27, 2011

Miss Lily is not so little anymore!  She’s got such a cute, laid back personality.  Fortunately we had a nice day and escaped the rain.  Lily brought her shades along, you can see her stylin’ in them below.  Enjoy!

Lily 04 copy


Lily 03 copy


Lily 12 copy


Lily 13 copy


Lily 16 copy


Lily 25 copy


Lily 27 copy


Lily 29 copy


Lily 33 copy


Lily 37 copy


Sweet little piggies…Lily 40 copy


Lily 38 copy


Lily 41 copy


Lily 45 copy


Lily 46 copy


Lily 51 copy

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Ellie {Cake Smash!}

May 25, 2011

Little Ellie is ONE!  She’s such a sweet little girl with a lot of personality!  She’s gotten so big since I first got to take her pictures when she was a just a few pounds.  I love her fancy little dress and especially the little bracelet she was wearing.  We also did a cake smash since she was just about to have her birthday – she got a cake of her own, and we let her go to town on it while we got some photos.  Enjoy!

IMG_8747 copy


IMG_8711 copy


IMG_8755 copy


IMG_8760 copy


IMG_8789 copy


IMG_8792 copy


IMG_8822 copy


IMG_8837 copy


IMG_8840 sepia copy


IMG_8847 copy


IMG_8857 copy


IMG_8875 copy


IMG_8887 copy


IMG_8892 copy

Happy Birthday, sweet Ellie!

Lyris, Thea, and Gala

May 14, 2011

Such beautiful girls to take pictures of!  Lyris and Thea welcomed their baby sister Galatea (Gala for short) recently, and I am the lucky one who got to take their photos.  It was so sweet to watch the older two rush over to help and hold Gala whenever we needed them to.  They are definitely proud of their new baby sister.  Here are some of my favorites…

Thea, Gala, and Lyris…Bonham 02 copy


Bonham 07 copy


Bonham 09 copy


Bonham 11 copy


Lyris and TheaBonham 16 copy


Bonham 20 copy


Bonham 27 copy


Bright eyes!!!Bonham 29 copy


Bonham 32 copy


Bonham 34 copy


Bonham 35 copy


Bonham 42 copy


Bonham 44 copy


Bonham 45 copy


IMG_8659 BW copy

Such a beautiful family.  Smile  Thanks for stopping by!


May 7, 2011

I have to say – for having been woken up pretty much as soon as I got there, Sam was so smiley!  I certainly get the impression that he is probably a pretty smiley little guy most of the time.  Although we woke him up from a morning snooze, he was more than happy to cooperate for his photos.  And look at the blue eyes on him!  Here is Sam!

IMG_8171 copy


IMG_8176 copy


IMG_8194 copy


IMG_8221 copy


IMG_8227 copy


IMG_8260 copy


This one cracks me up…IMG_8272 copy


IMG_8286 copy


IMG_8307 copy


IMG_8323 copy


IMG_8338 copy


IMG_8378 copy

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May 1, 2011

Ohhhh, another one of my babies has grown up!!   I’ve gotten to see Harper every few months since she was a newborn, and I have really enjoyed getting to know her family.  I love how Heidi and John always come prepared with several outfits, and Harper doesn’t make a peep through wardrobe changes.  Smile  She was so smiley and definitely ready for picture day.  Here are a few of my favorites…Harper 01


SUCH a sweet face!!Harper 03


Harper 05


Harper 07


Harper 09


Harper 10


LOVE these little cheeksHarper 12


Harper 13


Harper 19


Harper 21


Harper 26

Heidi and John, it’s been great getting to know you – thank you!!

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