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June 28, 2011

Well I’ve finally gotten a chance to post these!  This is my new nephew, Mason.  Oh what fun it is to have a new baby in the family!  He is a little scrunch pie and is as sweet as they come.  I can’t wait to hold him whenever I see him.  Smile  It’s so cute to see my little sister with a baby of her own!  Here are a few of my favorites of the little man…

Mason 11 copy


I love how he’s holding onto the blanketMason 12 copy


Mason 16 copy


I can’t get enough of his little wrinkled forehead…Mason 14 copy


Mason 20 copy


Mason 22 copy


Mason 28 copy


Mason 05 copy


Mason 09 copy

Yay, we’re all so glad you’re finally here little Mason!!  Especially my Mia!!  Smile


June 10, 2011

A few weeks ago I got to see Cade again.  I love how curious he is and all his cute little expressions.  It’s amazing how little he was the first time I met him and how much he’s grown up!  Below are just a few from his session!Cade 02 copy


Cade 05 copy


Cade 09 copy


Cade 11 copy


Cade 13 copy


Cade 14 copy


Cade 19 copy


Cade 21 copy


Cade 22 copy


This one cracks me up!  “Hmmm….”Cade 26 copy

It’s been great getting to know you guys!!  Hope you enjoyed the previews!


June 4, 2011

Oh, little Sophia!!  Sweet, precious, and perfect are definitely three words to describe this little one.  She had just reached 5 pounds when I got to see her – such a little peanut.  She basically slept the whole time, which was great for us because we got to move her however we wanted.  Here she is!!

Smiling…Sophie 01 copy


Sophie 02 copy


Sophie 04 copy


Sophie 08 copy


Sophie 11 copy


Sophie 12 copy


Sophie 14 copy


Sophie 15 copy


Sophie 17 copy


Sophie 20 copy


With her big sister, IsabellaSophie 21 copy

Is she sweet, or what?!  I love the last one with her big sister, too.  Hope you enjoyed the previews!  Thanks for stopping by.

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