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Cole (and Nolan!)

July 21, 2011

Baby Cole is 3 months old!  He and his brother, Nolan, are two handsome little studs.  Here are a few of my favorites of these little guys…

Nolan and daddy…Hoeppner 02 copy


Hoeppner 05 copy


Hoeppner 08 copy


Hoeppner 10 copy


Here’s Cole!Hoeppner 16 copy


Hoeppner 19 copy


Hoeppner 21 copy


Lady killer…Hoeppner 22 copy


Ha!!Hoeppner 26 copy

Thanks for stopping by!


July 2, 2011

Little Declan is already 3 months old, and he’s not so little anymore!  It’s amazing how much personality is revealed in just 3 short months.  He is such a smiley, laid back baby – just like his brother, Kellen!  I don’t know how Lindsey and Jon lucked out with two easygoing kids, but they did!  Here is Declan!

Declan 01 copy


Declan 05 copy


Of course, here is Kellen, too  SmileDeclan 06 copy


Brothers hug!!Declan 07 copy


Declan 09 copy


Declan 13 copy


Declan 15 copy


Declan 16 copy


Declan 18 copy


Declan 25 copy


Declan 32 copy


Declan 33 copy


Declan 35 copy

So much personality in these little guys!!  Thanks for stopping by!

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