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My Peapods

September 20, 2011

I think I am honestly like the shoemaker with no shoes.  The last time I took ‘nice’ photos of my kids was last fall!  We finally got around to taking some this summer, now I just need to get them printed!!  Here are my little peapods…

IMG_0854 boost copy

IMG_0858 copy

IMG_0859 copy

IMG_0861 copy

IMG_0864 bw copy

IMG_0866 copy

IMG_0873 copy

IMG_0874 copy

IMG_0877 copy

IMG_0880 copy

IMG_0882 copy

IMG_0888 copy

IMG_0890 sd copy

IMG_0897 copy

IMG_0899 copy

IMG_0913 copy

IMG_0927 copy

IMG_0941 copy

IMG_0955 copy

IMG_0960 copy

IMG_0962 copy

IMG_0964 copy

IMG_0965 copy

IMG_0976 copy

IMG_0982 copy

IMG_0990 copy

IMG_0999 copy

IMG_1029 copy

IMG_1034 copy

Thanks for stopping by!!  Smile


September 15, 2011

I can’t believe Mason-man is already 3 months old!  If you didn’t see his newborn photos, he’s my nephew.  Smile  Oh he is so sweet.  And plumpy.  And he smells good.  Here are some more photos of his sweet little face…

Mason 01 copy


Mason 03 copy


Mason 04 copy


Mason 06 copy


Mason 09 copy


Mason 10 copy


He had a photo with this lion as a newborn, so Katie thought we might get a picture of him next to it throughout the next year to see how big he is getting!Mason 11 copy


Mason 13 copy


Mason 15 copy

Ha!  Thanks for stopping by!

Delaney (and Harper!)

September 9, 2011

I found out that Little Miss Delaney was on the way at one of her sister, Harper’s, sessions!  I’m so excited to be able to work with this family again as Delaney grows.  Unlike her big sister, Delaney was wide awake during her newborn shoot!  She was so, so good as we arranged and rearranged her.  Smile  Here she is!!

Delaney 10 copy


Delaney 12 copy


Delaney 14 copy


Delaney 15 copy


Sweet little tootsies…Delaney 18 copy


Delaney 19 copy


Delaney 24 copy


Gotta love open-mouth sister kisses…Delaney 09 copy


A couple of Miss Harper…Delaney 06 copy


Delaney 07 copy


Delaney 03 copy

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Piper and Parker

September 4, 2011

These sweet little ones belong to my cousin, Sarah, and her husband, Chris.  They came and stayed the weekend with us a few weeks ago, so of course we had to get some new shots of their babies!  Here are Piper and Parker…

Clark 01 copy

Clark 02 copy


Clark 04 copy


I don’t know what it is about this one, but it’s probably one of my favorites…Clark 06 copy


Clark 07 copy


Clark 08 copy


Clark 10 copy


Clark 11 copy


Clark 12 copy


Clark 13 copy


Clark 17 copy


Clark 20 copy


Clark 21 copy


Clark 22 copy


Clark 23 copy


Clark 24 copy


Clark 28 copy

I hope you enjoyed them!!!

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