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Ellie {Cake Smash!}

May 25, 2011

Little Ellie is ONE!  She’s such a sweet little girl with a lot of personality!  She’s gotten so big since I first got to take her pictures when she was a just a few pounds.  I love her fancy little dress and especially the little bracelet she was wearing.  We also did a cake smash since she was just about to have her birthday – she got a cake of her own, and we let her go to town on it while we got some photos.  Enjoy!

IMG_8747 copy


IMG_8711 copy


IMG_8755 copy


IMG_8760 copy


IMG_8789 copy


IMG_8792 copy


IMG_8822 copy


IMG_8837 copy


IMG_8840 sepia copy


IMG_8847 copy


IMG_8857 copy


IMG_8875 copy


IMG_8887 copy


IMG_8892 copy

Happy Birthday, sweet Ellie!

Emma {Cake Smash!}

May 24, 2010

Emma’s mom, Kari, is a friend of mine from high school, and I hadn’t gotten to see her in a looooong time, let alone gotten the chance to meet Emma. I was so excited when she asked if I would do Emma’s photos! Back when Kari and Derek got engaged, he proposed to her at the canals in downtown Indy. So they thought it would be neat to take their little girl’s one-year-old pictures down where he had proposed – I couldn’t agree more! But before we headed downtown, we did a cake smash session. Emma was so cute! She sure loved her chocolate cupcake. Here’s a tip – if you want a one-year-old to sit still while you snap some pics, give them a cupcake. :) She loved it. There are lots of sneak peeks this time because Emma was so cute, I just couldn’t narrow them down. And Kari, I have lots more for you! Enjoy!

All clean before the cake…IMG_3176 copy

Mmmm, this tastes pretty good…IMG_3187 copy

This is definitely my favorite – I love the look on her face!IMG_3195 copy

IMG_3206 copy

IMG_3228 copy

IMG_3266 copy

Delicious…IMG_3269 copy

The damage…IMG_3280 copy

Okay, maybe this is my favorite…IMG_3281 copy

IMG_3308 copy

Down by the canal…IMG_3342 copy

IMG_3361 copy

IMG_3372 copy

IMG_3435 copy

IMG_3460 copy

She’s so cute!IMG_3524 copy

Mama and her girl!
IMG_3548 copy

Thank you guys so much for driving down here, we had a ton of fun together, and the kids loved playing with Emma.  I hope you liked the previews!!

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