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Laurie and Andy

January 28, 2012

It’s been quite a while since I’ve done a non-child shoot, and I have to say – it was a really nice change of pace!  Apparently things go surprisingly smoother and quicker when you’re not chasing little people around!

Although it’s winter, the weather was pretty cooperative for Laurie and Andy’s engagement shoot, so we got to go outside for a bit.  It was so fun.  They were great sports as I kept squeezing them together: “Even closer, guys!”

Thank you guys.  I really had so much fun!!  Here are a few previews…
















They are too cute together.  :)  I hope you enjoyed them!!

Beth and Mike

September 24, 2010

Beth and Mike are so cute. They are due very shortly with a little girl, and you can just see their excitement! We stayed close to home for their maternity photos, taking many at and around their house. Then we went to the park down the street – they wanted to take some pictures at the very place where they will soon be taking their little girl. What a great idea! I love when people come prepared with ideas for their photos. It makes their photos so much more personal. Here are Beth and Mike!

IMG_0403 copy

IMG_0365 copy

IMG_0373 copy

Gorgeous little pregnant lady!!IMG_0413 copy

IMG_0417 copy

IMG_0432 copy

I love this – they are totally re-doing a bedroom for their baby girl.  Here they are with her initials…IMG_0472 copy

IMG_0506 copy

IMG_0513 copy

IMG_0521 copy

IMG_0547 copy

I don’t know what it is about this one, maybe that Mike looks so content holding onto his wife…IMG_0549 copy

IMG_0603 copy

At the park where they will one day bring their little girl!IMG_0622 copy

IMG_0354 copy

Ahhh, Beth and Mike, enjoy this last little bit together!  Soon your world will be changed.  :)  I can’t wait to meet her!

It’s been killing me that it’s taken me so long to post this!  Last week I had an unbelievable opportunity to travel to NYC and attend a Jessica Claire/Adorama workshop.  Jessica has been called one of the top ten wedding photographers in the world, and I can tell you she is amazing at what she does!  Now let me first say this – I’ve never won anything in my life. But when I saw information on Jessica’s workshop in NYC – a vintage wedding photo shoot nonetheless – how could I not put my name in the hat for a chance to attend?!  I’m sure you can imagine my disbelief when I got an email saying I had won a spot in her workshop.  Only 15 photographers were invited to the shoot and the waiting list was over 800 deep.  I even wrote back to make sure the email was legit.  Can you imagine flying all the way to New York and showing up somewhere you weren’t invited?  Ha!  I just wanted to make sure that wasn’t going to happen.  :)  Once I heard back that it was legit, of course I booked my flight and hotel room – how could I pass up an opportunity like this?!

I will also say I am a total wuss when it comes to travelling alone.  I am the girl who in high school wouldn’t pick up the phone and call to order a pizza because I didn’t like to talk to strangers!  But last week I put my big girl shoes on and made the trip.  And it was SO worth it!

Jessica had 2 models, Pax and Mary, dressed up in vintage wedding attire.  We basically walked around New York City looking for beautiful light and photographing the couple.  It was awesome getting to watch Jessica instruct them so she could get the shots she was looking for.  Along the way she shared her camera settings, techniques, and things she was looking for as we moved locations.  It was amazing!  Afterwords, she also shared some of her post processing techniques.  I learned some great techniques and tips that I will definitely carry forward with me.  It’s so much different seeing things live, in action, by someone who is extremely successful in their art rather than just reading about it in book.

I think we were out shooting for a little over an hour, and I have 580+ shots!  But here are some of my favorites of the bunch.  Pax and Mary are so cute and really did a great job.  They are married in real life, too.  :)

IMG_5143 copy

IMG_5174 copy

IMG_5205 copy

IMG_5265 copy

IMG_5292 copy

IMG_5347 copy

IMG_5353 copy

IMG_5370 copy

IMG_5407 VIN copy

IMG_5427 copy

IMG_5437 copy

IMG_5464 copy

IMG_5470 copy

IMG_5473 copy

IMG_5512 copy

IMG_5514 copy

IMG_5522 copy

IMG_5581 copy

IMG_5596 BW copy

IMG_5598 copy

IMG_5606 copy

IMG_5636 copy

What an amazing opportunity.  I will definitely be putting my name into a few more drawings from now on.  😉

Amy and Andre

November 14, 2009

Amy was one of my sister’s college roommates, so I have known her for a few years. I was so excited when she got in touch with me to take her and Andre’s photos! They’ve been married for a few years now, but who couldn’t use some new couples photos, right?!  Amy is so sweet, she just giggles!   Andre, I know you didn’t have much time to ‘mentally prepare’ for our photo shoot since Amy and I scheduled it so quickly, but you were a great sport. :) Thank you guys again, enjoy your previews!

IMG_6554 copy

IMG_6578 copy

IMG_6622 copy

IMG_6641 copy

IMG_6669 copy

IMG_6676 copy

IMG_6694 copy

IMG_6724 copy

IMG_6746 copy

IMG_6777 copy

Paul and Julie

August 18, 2009

Last weekend I took some couples shots of Paul and Julie.  Aren’t they a beautiful couple?!  Here are some of my faves…       24 - IMG_0559 copy

33 - IMG_0619 copy

30 - IMG_0595 copy
28 - IMG_0592 copy
15 - IMG_0512 copy

6 - IMG_0460 copy

4 - IMG_0440 copy

I hope you like your sneak peeks, guys!  I will have the rest of them ready soon!

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