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My Peapods

September 20, 2011

I think I am honestly like the shoemaker with no shoes.  The last time I took ‘nice’ photos of my kids was last fall!  We finally got around to taking some this summer, now I just need to get them printed!!  Here are my little peapods…

IMG_0854 boost copy

IMG_0858 copy

IMG_0859 copy

IMG_0861 copy

IMG_0864 bw copy

IMG_0866 copy

IMG_0873 copy

IMG_0874 copy

IMG_0877 copy

IMG_0880 copy

IMG_0882 copy

IMG_0888 copy

IMG_0890 sd copy

IMG_0897 copy

IMG_0899 copy

IMG_0913 copy

IMG_0927 copy

IMG_0941 copy

IMG_0955 copy

IMG_0960 copy

IMG_0962 copy

IMG_0964 copy

IMG_0965 copy

IMG_0976 copy

IMG_0982 copy

IMG_0990 copy

IMG_0999 copy

IMG_1029 copy

IMG_1034 copy

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My Man! | Drake

November 5, 2010

I’m so proud of myself for finally taking one of my kids’ pictures on time this year!!  This is my little guy, Drake.  I sure do love him to bits.  He’s got such a great personality and pretty much just loves life.  Here he is…

IMG_1818 copy

IMG_1821 copy

IMG_1830 copy

IMG_1851 copy

He loves his MiaIMG_1857 copy

Ha!IMG_1859 copy

The new ‘mad face’ he’s been making  :)IMG_1866 copy

IMG_1878 copy

And my Mia…IMG_1885 copy

His new eyebrow raise!IMG_1890 copy

IMG_1901 copy

IMG_1905 copy

IMG_1909 copy

IMG_1915 copy

IMG_1917 copy

IMG_1923 BW copy

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I have way too much to catch up on right now to be writing a random post… ahhh, oh well!  My husband came home today with a pair of these and I just had to share…

IMG_0159 copy

 IMG_0161 copy 

They are SHOES!  With spots for your TOES!  Ha!  Have you seen these before?!  They’re called Vibrams, and they are seriously hilarious-looking.  I asked him if he felt funny wearing them, like people were staring at his feet.  He said he didn’t, they were so comfortable.  :)  He and I read Mark’s Daily Apple (and Mark is a huge proponent of these shoes), so I had seen them online before.  But I’d never seen them in person, and let me tell you they are so funny.  When you wear them it is like you are barefoot but protected.    I had them on in the above pics, and they really are comfortable (even though these were big on me).  After a 30 minute run, my hubby said his feet felt great.  Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with these, maybe I’ll consider getting a pair, too.  If you see me out and about wearing them, don’t laugh.  :)

The guy at the store said he sold 110 pairs of these on Saturday.  And that didn’t count the ones where they were out of stock, didn’t have the right size, etc.  Apparently these are all the rage right now.  Who knew?!  Anyways, that’s all.  Just wanted to give you a chuckle.  :)

My Mia

August 12, 2010

So this basically started out as an impromptu photo shoot after dinner one night.  The lighting in my backyard at the end of the day is amazing, and I had just gotten my new Shootsac lens bag that I had been eyeing for several months.  I couldn’t wait to take it for a spin, so I grabbed Mia and told her to get her shoes on – we were going outside!  It was the first time she hadn’t fought me about taking her pictures, and she had such a great time.  I got some of the best expressions from her, which was totally unexpected.  She was workin’ it in front of the camera!  I am so excited to have these and to be able to remember her for the way she is; her silly, inquisitive, dramatic little self.  This is, after all, the one and only reason I even started taking pictures in the first place – to be able to look back and remember my kids exactly as they were.

IMG_6403 copy

IMG_6404 copy

IMG_6406 copy

IMG_6411-2 copy

IMG_6420 copy

IMG_6442 copy

IMG_6445 copy

IMG_6447 copy

IMG_6455 copy

IMG_6457 copy

IMG_6460 copy

IMG_6461 copy

IMG_6463 copy

IMG_6466 copy

IMG_6467 copy

IMG_6469 copy

IMG_6471 copy

IMG_6474 copy

IMG_6479 copy

You know me, sometimes I can’t decide between black and white…IMG_6481 BW copy

…or color…IMG_6481 copy

IMG_6490 copy

IMG_6495 copy

IMG_6499 copy

IMG_6507 copy

IMG_6510 copy

IMG_6517 copy

IMG_6521 copy

IMG_6522 copy

IMG_6527 copy

IMG_6533 copy

IMG_6534 copy

IMG_6541 copy

IMG_6544 copy

IMG_6552 copy

IMG_6553 copy

IMG_6557 copy

By the way, my Shootsac worked out great (it’s got changeable covers!). :) Oh, and it’s really hard to take a picture of yourself in the mirror. :)

It’s been killing me that it’s taken me so long to post this!  Last week I had an unbelievable opportunity to travel to NYC and attend a Jessica Claire/Adorama workshop.  Jessica has been called one of the top ten wedding photographers in the world, and I can tell you she is amazing at what she does!  Now let me first say this – I’ve never won anything in my life. But when I saw information on Jessica’s workshop in NYC – a vintage wedding photo shoot nonetheless – how could I not put my name in the hat for a chance to attend?!  I’m sure you can imagine my disbelief when I got an email saying I had won a spot in her workshop.  Only 15 photographers were invited to the shoot and the waiting list was over 800 deep.  I even wrote back to make sure the email was legit.  Can you imagine flying all the way to New York and showing up somewhere you weren’t invited?  Ha!  I just wanted to make sure that wasn’t going to happen.  :)  Once I heard back that it was legit, of course I booked my flight and hotel room – how could I pass up an opportunity like this?!

I will also say I am a total wuss when it comes to travelling alone.  I am the girl who in high school wouldn’t pick up the phone and call to order a pizza because I didn’t like to talk to strangers!  But last week I put my big girl shoes on and made the trip.  And it was SO worth it!

Jessica had 2 models, Pax and Mary, dressed up in vintage wedding attire.  We basically walked around New York City looking for beautiful light and photographing the couple.  It was awesome getting to watch Jessica instruct them so she could get the shots she was looking for.  Along the way she shared her camera settings, techniques, and things she was looking for as we moved locations.  It was amazing!  Afterwords, she also shared some of her post processing techniques.  I learned some great techniques and tips that I will definitely carry forward with me.  It’s so much different seeing things live, in action, by someone who is extremely successful in their art rather than just reading about it in book.

I think we were out shooting for a little over an hour, and I have 580+ shots!  But here are some of my favorites of the bunch.  Pax and Mary are so cute and really did a great job.  They are married in real life, too.  :)

IMG_5143 copy

IMG_5174 copy

IMG_5205 copy

IMG_5265 copy

IMG_5292 copy

IMG_5347 copy

IMG_5353 copy

IMG_5370 copy

IMG_5407 VIN copy

IMG_5427 copy

IMG_5437 copy

IMG_5464 copy

IMG_5470 copy

IMG_5473 copy

IMG_5512 copy

IMG_5514 copy

IMG_5522 copy

IMG_5581 copy

IMG_5596 BW copy

IMG_5598 copy

IMG_5606 copy

IMG_5636 copy

What an amazing opportunity.  I will definitely be putting my name into a few more drawings from now on.  😉

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